Markets Served

Powdered Metal Tooling

The company’s expertise. Prism Technologies manufactures press tooling for many different materials, including carbide, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel and bronze as well as chemical powders. We manufacture Erowa and 3R tooling as well as conventional styles. The finished parts are used in most of the industries listed below along with other various components that fit within our capabilities.


Tooling for all components as well as all cartridges.

Oil & Gas

Carbide wear parts for M.W.D., Drilling and Pump components

Wear Parts

Bushings, rolls, seal rings, seats & stems


Compaction dies, stamping & cold heading dies, plastic injection, multi-axis turning & milling

Metal Packaging / Can Tooling

Extrusion dies, trimming dies, tab dies, shell punches, punch caps & cut-edge rings


Orthopedic & surgical instruments

Construction & Agriculture

Draw dies, cold heading dies, compaction dies

Paper industry

Knives, shears, slitters